The Recruitment & Evaluation Process

Have you ever wondered about the recruitment & evaluation process when it comes to hiring new staff? Or how applicants are shortlisted to either make or break the cut? With such a multitude of information on the web, we thought we’d add our 2 cents on the recruitment and evaluation process for business owners to get an idea of what to expect when hiring through an agency that specialises in recruitment and evaluation.

So, What is Recruitment & Evaluation?

In larger organizations, this would be the human resources function of identifying, attracting, screening and hiring the most qualified applicant for a job opening. For smaller businesses that have not yet established an HR department, the function would fall to a recruitment agency that they should ideally hire when looking to take on new staff. This process is of great importance, particularly for small businesses. The ability to effectively put together a team made up of the best applicants available can be the difference between a company’s success or failure. When initiating the recruitment and selection process, a business owner must consider many things.

Understanding The Job

Taking the steps to hire new staff may be daunting, but having a clear understanding of the job for which there is an opening is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment and evaluation process. Although it is not unusual for businesses to start actively recruiting before properly identifying their hiring needs, this often times leads to inefficient time management as the job description will can change during the process and result in unqualified applicants being interviewed.

Before interviewing the job applicant, the recruiter must finalise the responsibilities of the position, and must have a set of requirements about the educational background, professional experience and qualitative needed for the applicant to acquire the position. Moreover, identifying a salary that is in line with the business’s budget is key.


On finalisation of the responsibilities, requirements and salary range of a job, a small business can begin the task of identifying a recruitment & evaluation agency they think would best suit and fulfil their needs.

Once identified and hired, the agency will network in hopes that a successful applicant will be found through word of mouth. Additionally, the agency may post the vacancy on online job portals, or in traditional publications, such as the Sunday Times, Rekord Centurion, Pretoria News, IOL and Beeld. The agency may also utilize the services of a staffing agency that maintains a pool of qualified, pre-screened applicants.

What Happens Next?

Curriculum Vitae’s are gathered, reviewed and shortlisted. In this process, the applicant’s education, work experience, and overall background are reviewed to determine if they match the requirements of the job. Once the top candidates have been identified, interviews are conducted either telephonically or in person, which helps verify the applicants and their availability, whilst also providing insight into their attitude, and communication skills, further shortlisting the applicants suitable for the job, making the final selection an easy choice.


Evaluation and control is the last stage in the process of recruitment. In this process, the effectiveness and the validity of the recruitment process and methods are assessed. Recruitment is a costly process, thus it is important that the performance of the process is thoroughly evaluated.


Recruitment is a crucial part of developing and maintaining an effective and efficient team. Hiring a reputable recruitment & evaluation agency will reduce time and costs associated with the training and development of unqualified resources.

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