Our dynamic search team is competent and equipped to handle your recruitment needs. Our methodology is based on the following:

  1. Competency-Based framework— We develop a competency model for our clients and base all recruitment decisions within that model
  2. Innovative Talent Solutions – We make use of the latest and best recruitment technologies to attract and retain talent

Why Choose Us

We believe there is no substitute for experience and dedication. Our clients want to achieve growth, competitive advantage and positive organisational change, and PTES  is here to ensure this. We provide broader, deeper and faster access to an exclusive community of candidates.

We understand the importance of providing the right person for the right position. For clients, we combine industry knowledge with an understanding of your company culture to deliver the very best qualified candidates who are also the right fit for your organisation.

Trust us with our vast network and expertise to deliver intelligent resourcing through a combination of market insight and technical excellence.

How We Are Different

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