How to Hire The “Right Fit”

Expanding your workforce and hiring new talent is an inevitable part of being a business leader. Yet, hiring right is a little more complicated than just reviewing a few resumes and conducting interviews. How can you gauge whether someone is the right fit for the job? How do you "hire right"? Thomas Edison had a unique method of hiring his engineers. He’d hand them a lightbulb and ask how much water it could hold. Some candidates used measurements and scientific calculations to determine the answer. Others simply filled the bulb with water and then poured the contents into a measuring cup. Which candidates got the job? The ones who used the simple approach. If only it were that simple for all industries! One of the biggest challenges for companies is hiring the right candidate for the job, and it is a daunting exercise. Most managers have not been trained in the art and science of hiring the right candidate, and many times it results in hiring wrong-fit employees. So, what do you do? Well, you have to start by having a clear understanding of the position that needs to be filled. You can't hire right if you don't know what you're hiring for, but you may also fall short if your job descriptions are not up to scratch when sent into the great wide world of job portals. Many companies write job descriptions with lists of responsibilities and requirements, but this Wall Street Journal study found that this can alienate qualified candidates. By writing better job descriptions that include what you can do for potential employees, you are more likely to attract candidates who better fit your needs. Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are the key factors [...]