Psychometric Testing of Suitable Candidates

Why Psychometric Testing?  Talent fit has become a crucial component for business success and hiring or developing the wrong people can be detrimental to your business.  We are the leaders in psychometric assessment and we use valid and reliable psychometric instruments. Assessment is conducted for recruitment and selection (competency-based assessment, personality testing, ability testing, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. Psychometric solutions are customised for personal development, team building, leadership assessment, executive testing, succession planning, career guidance. We also specialise in customised organisational development surveys. Talent Fit Consider the following: The cost of a bad hire in South Africa is estimated at 5 times the annual salary of the employee (Economic Times, 2015) 36% of organisations state that a bad hire negatively impacts employee engagement and culture (Business Insider, 2015) R10bn lost in terms of productivity costs due to labour unrest in South Africa in 2014 (Mail and Guardian, 2014) Competency Based Assessment These trends indicate that organisations need to re-evaluate the basis upon which talent is attracted, selected and developed within the organisation.  Psychometric testing allows organisations to assess candidates for culture, job and team fit based upon scientific competencies that are aligned to key organisational requirements.  Scientific and predictive method of assessing talent fit Allows for fair discrimination based upon job requirements Saves time and cost during the selection process Enables seamless integration of talent processes across the employee life cycle What makes us different? We add value to your business through a robust psychometric testing methodology that ensures the effective attraction, selection, development and retention of talent. Different Levels of Assessment We provide boutique psychometric [...]