We are a South African based psychometric assessment firm that specialises in psychometric evaluation on national and international level. The purpose and benefits of using psychometric instruments in the selection phase of recruitment is that it provides a more scientific, objective measure to identify the best candidate. The cost of selecting the wrong person can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rands, not to mention the potential negative impact to a company’s reputation, morale and productivity.

We strive to successfully provide solutions that will fit our client’s needs.  The main focus is using the correct psychometric instrument for a given position, identifying the job role and the competencies needed to be successful in that role. The candidate’s psychometric profile is then matched to the required competencies identified by the job role and therefore the most suitable candidate can be employed.
We assist organisations from A – Z with their selection and recruitment needs, starting with the identification of the right candidate for a position to the strategic planning and alignment of functions within the business. We do not offer psychometric evaluation in isolation, but walk with the client to ensure that the recruitment and selection process makes full circle and that the employment needs are linked to the organizational strategic goals.
We strive to create leaner, more efficient and productive organisations through the application of psychometric evaluations in the recruitment process and therefore identifying the most suitable candidate for the position. The process is elongated through personal and organizational development using psychometric instruments.